Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SHOP 'til You Drop

Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) has been on a tear since its IPO in 2015. The stock has more than doubled in the past year and the company now holds a market cap over 10 billion dollars. You might think that it is too late to get in on this party, but we think there is plenty of room to grow.

What is Shopify? They are an e-commerce company for businesses of all size. They can help with building an online shop, processing payments, tracking inventory, even managing a retail presence. By taking these items out of the equation, the businesses can focus on the products they create. Over $40 billion of product has been sold through Shopify so far and 500,000+ businesses have signed up. Several big names are already on the platform, including Tesla, Red Bull, GE, and Nestle. As the list grows, Shopify will become the leader of the e-commerce world.

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